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Entrance Flooring Systems

Entrance Flooring Systems

Making the right choice in an entrance flooring system will maintain your design, add years to your floor’s life, ensure a safe entrance and significantly reduce maintenance costs. Entrance mats improve Interior Environmental Quality by stopping dirt from entering the building, improving Interior chemical and pollutant source control. Babcock-Davis’ complete line of Entrance flooring systems includes stainless steel grates, roll up grates, rigid grates, mats, and broadloom carpets.
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Stainless Steel Grates

Architects favor the sleek appearance, strength and versatility of stainless steel grates. Designed with large open spaces between the rails, they are ideal for scraping debris and limiting transfer within your building. Their strength and durability allow for light vehicle traffic and heavy pedestrian traffic.

Roll-Up Grates

The Roll-up grate with their roll-back easy cleaning feature are ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic and frequent cleaning. The narrow profile requires more frequent removal for cleaning which can easily be accomplished by rolling back the grate.

Rigid Grates

Available with a wide variety of tread inserts as well as plain aluminum tread surface, Rigid Grates maximum the tread surface. Rigid Grates are the strongest grate of their type of the market with a deeper profile to accumulate moisture and allow absorption.

Roll-Up Mats

Thinner than a grate, roll-up mats offer additional flexibility for new and retrofit installations. Due to their thinner profile, they do not require a concrete recess. Available in a variety of treads and spacer bar combinations.

Tread Options

Tread options are designed to aesthetically and functionally enhance the entrance flooring system in stopping dirt and moisture at the building entrance.
• Premium Carpet
• Rugged Scrub
• EcoTread
• EnvIRONtreadII
• Rubber
• Vinyl
• Aluminum Abrasive
• Vinyl Abrasive
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