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Access Doors
Entrance Mats + Grilles
Fall Protection
Fire Safety
Floor Doors
Roof Hatches
Smoke Vents
Stair Tread Nosings


Product Type Model Warranty
Architectural Access Door Standard BNT/BNW/BNP PDF
Renovation Access Door Standard BET PDF
Recessed Access Door Standard BRA/BRW/BRP PDF
Insulated Access Door Fire-Rated BIT/BIW/BIP PDF
Uninsulated Access Door Fire-Rated BUT/BUW/BUP PDF
Oversized Attic Access Door Fire-Rated BFRD PDF
Tile Ready Access Door Fire-Rated BRUT/BRUW PDF
Upward Opening Access Door Fire-Rated BIUA/BFRU PDF
Medium Security Access Door Security BMT/BMW/BMP PDF
High Security Access Door Security BHS PDF
Top Security Access Door Security BTS PDF
Fire-Rated Access Door Security BST/BSW/BSP PDF
Drywall Access Door Specialty BRGB/BRGBR/BRGT PDF
Draft Stop Access Door Specialty BDT/BDW PDF
Exterior Access Door Specialty BXT/BXP PDF
Lightweight Access Door Specialty BLW PDF
Plastic Access Door Specialty BPL PDF

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Product Type Model Warranty
proGRIL Grille BGP34 PDF
eleGRIL Grille BGE38/BGE58/BGE98 PDF
eleGRIL with Carpet Grille BGE38P/BGE38R/BGE58P/BGE58R PDF
alumaGRIL Grille BGA10 PDF
GRATEdesign Rigid Grate Grille BGD74 PDF
EnvIRONtread II Grille BGV34/BGV12 PDF
GRATEdesign Roll-Up Mat BGR34 PDF
QuietFLEX Roll-Up Mat BMQ38 PDF
MATdesign Roll-Up Mat BMD38 PDF
MATrac Roll-Up Mat BMT38 PDF
MAXtread Mat BMX12 PDF
MAXgrid Mat BMG12 PDF

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Product Type Model Warranty
Roof Hatch Safety Railing Safety Railings SRC PDF
Floor Door Safety Railing Safety Railings SRTG PDF
Smoke Vent Safety Railing Safety Railings SRV PDF
Ladder Safety Post Safety Accessories SP PDF
Burglar Bars Safety Accessories B1A/B1B/B2A/B2B  
Grab Bar Safety Accessories SGB  
Weighted Base Guardrail Guardrails GRPBG  
Fall Protection Screen Safety Accessories -B3C  
Perimeter Guardrail Guardrails GRPL  
Safety Chains Safety Accessories SC1/SC2  
Safety Grating Safety Accessories -SG  

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Product Type Model Warranty
Select Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Architectural Fire Extinguisher Cabinets BFC-70/BFC-FRC70 PDF
SelectVIEW Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Architectural Fire Extinguisher Cabinets BFC-71/BFC-FRC71 PDF
SelectAVANT Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Architectural Fire Extinguisher Cabinets BFC-72/BFC-FRC72 PDF
Crown Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Architectural Fire Extinguisher Cabinets BFC-73/BFC-FRC73 PDF
Portible Fire Extinguishers Portible Fire Extinguishers BEX PDF
Detention Cabinets Detention Cabinets BDC PDF
Fire Blanket Cabinets Fire Blanket Cabinets BBC PDF

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Product Type Model Warranty
Fire-Rated Architectural Pan Floor Door Fire-Rated BFDF-T1/P1 PDF
Fire-Rated Diamond Tread Plate Floor Door Fire-Rated BFDF PDF
Drainable Pedestrian Floor Door Drainable BFDDP PDF
Drainable H20 Floor Door Drainable BFDDH PDF
Pedestrian Angle Frame Floor Door Non-Drainable BFDNP PDF
H20 Angle Frame Floor Door Non-Drainable BFDNH PDF
Existing Opening Floor Door Retrofit BFDEP PDF
Recessed Floor Door Retrofit BFDRP PDF
Surface Mount Floor Door Retrofit BFDNL PDF
Water Tight Well Hatch Well Hatch BFDWT PDF

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Product Type Model Warranty
Personnel Roof Hatch Standard BRHP PDF
Personnel II Roof Hatch Standard BG3630/BG3636/BG4848/BG3054
SunLit Roof Hatch Daylighting BRHA PDF
Security Roof Hatch Security BRHS PDF
Equipment Roof Hatch Equipment BRHE PDF

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Product Type Model Warranty
SmokEscape Smoke Vent Standard BSVS PDF
LightMAX eco Smoke Vent Day Lighting BSVLE PDF
LightMAX Smoke Vent Day Lighting BSVL PDF
AcousticMAX 48 Smoke Vent Acoustic BSVX PDF
AcousticMAX 50 Smoke Vent Acoustic BSVY PDF

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Product Type Model Warranty
Ribbed Bar Abrasive Nosing Single Part Nosings BSTSB PDF
Full Bar Abrasive Nosing Single Part Nosings BSTSF PDF
Inset Ribbed Bar Abrasive Nosing Single Part Nosings BSTSB-N PDF
Inset Full Bar Abraive Nosing Single Part Nosings BSTSF-N PDF
Two-Part Ribbed Bar Abrasive Nosing Two-Part Nosings BSTTB PDF
Two-Part Full Bar Abrasive Nosing Two-Part Nosings BSTTF PDF
Renovation Abrasive Nosing Single Part Nosings BSTRB PDF
Cast Aluminum Nosing Cast Nosings BSTCA PDF
Cast Iron Nosing Cast Nosings BSTCI PDF

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